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5 Low FODMAP Holiday Recipes

Chocolate snowball cookies

The holiday season is often extremely difficult for those with dietary restrictions. When surrounded by friends, family, and all your favorite foods, it can be hard resisting the foods that make you feel your stomach turn. If you are suffering from IBS or another digestive issue that calls for a low FODMAP diet, have no worries this holiday season. At Digestive Healthcare Center, we are committed to sharing information that will help our patients live more comfortably, healthier lives. Check out these delicious low FODMAP recipes to keep you feeling great over the holidays while still getting to indulge in great food like everyone else. 

1. Grilled Dry Rub Steak 

This steak has a dry rub made up of rosemary, maple sugar, thyme, cinnamon, and a few other ingredients that emphasis that comforting holiday smell. If you are a fan of a nice steak during the holiday season, you will definitely won’t be disappointed with this low FODMAP grilled dry rub steak recipe. This recipe is a favorite among patients on the low FODMAP diet.  

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2. Snowball Cookies

Sweet treats are a staple during the holiday season. There is no reason to miss out while on the low FODMAP diet. There are plenty of dessert recipes that follow low FODMAP ingredients. These snowball cookies are the perfect low FODMAP treat to bring to your next holiday gathering. They are sweet and fluffy and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without upsetting your digestive system. 

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3. Low FODMAP Stuffing

Stuffing is a staple of a good holiday meal. After determining your need to be on a low FODMAP diet, you may have thought all hope was lost when it came to enjoying some stuffing this year without digestive issues. This could not be further from the truth! This stuffing recipe is super savory and made up of low FODMAP ingredients like fennel, sage, and a veggie sausage. 

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4. Dijon Rosemary Kebabs

Kebabs are a great entree to make if you are cooking a holiday dinner and would like to incorporate some low FODMAP options. These dijon rosemary kebabs are tried and true, featuring marinated steak and some of favorite low FODMAP vegetables such as baby potatoes, eggplant, and yellow squash. 

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5. Sweet Potato Casserole

Another holiday staple at the table is sweet potato casserole. This is a great dish if you are vegetarian or vegan while also following a low FODMAP diet. This version of sweet potato casserole is high in protein, sweetened with a little maple syrup, and topped off with pecans. It will leave you feeling satisfied without upsetting your digestive system. 

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Enjoy Low FODMAP Food this Holiday Season

All of us at Digestive Healthcare Center wish you a wonderful holiday season. If you have been struggling with symptoms of IBS or are experiencing digestive discomfort, schedule an appointment with Digestive Healthcare Center. As the top gastroenterologist in your area, we will help you to achieve greater digestive control. DHC specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions that cause digestive issues, such as abdominal bloating, diverticulitis, colorectal cancers and more. We are here for you every step of the way with guidance and support, contact us today to learn more. 

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