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Patient Satisfaction Survey Results


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Mean ratings (5=highest)
(Total Sample and by Gender)

On all characteristics, the practice is highly rated; close to ideal ratings are evidenced, with no measurable gender differences.

Ease of making appointments4.84.74.8
Physician listens to you4.84.84.8
Physician answers all your questions4.84.84.8
Physician gives you good advice and treatment4.84.84.8
Nurses/medical assistants friendly/professional4.84.84.8
Cleanliness of facility4.84.84.8
Comfort and safety while waiting4.84.84.8
Likelihood of referring friends/family4.84.84.8
Nurses/medical assistants answer all questions4.84.84.8
Physician takes enough time with you4.84.74.8
Hours center is open4.64.74.6
Convenience of center’s location4.64.64.6
Prompt return of telephone calls4.64.74.6
Collection of payment4.64.64.5
Location for visits or testing4.64.64.7
Time in waiting room4.54.64.5
Time in exam room4.54.64.4
Waiting for test results4.54.54.5
Explanation of charges4.54.64.5
Amount you pay for medical services4.44.44.4

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