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Digestive Healthcare Center Physicians Receive Top Doctor Distinction

CC_Top Doctor Digestive Healthcare Center (DHC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Charles A. Accurso, Dr. Alan R. Gingold, Dr. Mark Greaves and Dr. Nader N. Youssef have all received the honorable distinction of 2015 Top Doctor of Gastroenterology by Inside Jersey magazine.

“We are very excited and proud that members of the DHC family have received this title,” states Dr. Charles A. Accurso. “Congratulations to them on this impressive achievement!”

Dr. Accurso, Dr. Gingold, Dr. Mark Greaves and Dr. Youssef are four of only 1,992 physicians in the country to receive this award. There were over 2,500 physicians nominated for Top Doctor recognition. Physicians are nominated by peers and go through a rigorous screening process conducted by Castle Connolly’s physician-led research team.

All four DHC physicians are board certified and fellowship trained in gastroenterology with numerous years of combined experience in the specialty. Additionally, Dr. Accurso is the medical director and founder of DHC as well as their affiliated Central Jersey Ambulatory Surgery Center.

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