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How to Prepare for FibroScan in NJ

The Day Before Your FibroScan in NJ

There are no specific preparation instructions for the day before your FibroScan appointment. However, you must inform your physician if any of the following apply to you:

  • Pregnancy
  • If you have active implantable electronic devices, such as pacemakers, defibrillators, or pumps.
  • If you have issues with raising your right arm above your head.

The Day of Your Scheduled FibroScan in NJ

It is important to have your FibroScan examination on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink anything 3 hours before your scheduled appointment time. You should also wear comfortable clothes that allow the technician to expose the right side of your rib cage. During the test, you will be asked to lay on your back with your right arm raised above your head. As the technician makes their measurements during the test, you may feel a slight vibration on your skin. FibroScan is painless and non-invasive, and we will address any questions you have before we begin the test.

After Your FibroScan in NJ

The results of your FibroScan will be available quickly after the procedure, once they are reviewed by your doctor. Your doctor will discuss the results with you and determine the best next steps for your treatment, if needed. The measurements of liver stiffness that are taken during the test will help to understand your overall liver health. Since no sedation is required, you can drive home after your appointment and resume your regular activities right away.

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FibroScan at Digestive Healthcare Center

Our nurses at DHC are skilled and experienced in providing FibroScan testing to our patients. They will help you get a clear idea of your liver health and any steps you need to take for your digestive health and wellness. We will be sure to answer all your questions so you can feel confident about the test and what it entails. We offer a wide variety of gastroenterological procedures and tests in NJ for both diagnostic and screening purposes, and we are proud to work with patients at our offices in Hillsborough and Somerville, NJ. To learn more or schedule an in-office or telemedicine appointment, please contact us today!