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How to Prepare for an Abdominal Ultrasound in NJ

The Day Before Your Abdominal Ultrasound in NJ

There are no specific instructions for the day before your abdominal ultrasound. However, please note that you cannot have anything to eat or drink 8 hours before your appointment, so if you have an early morning appointment, you may need to alter your eating habits the night before. Your doctor will provide specific instructions depending on your individual situation. They will also provide additional instructions regarding any medications you may be taking.

The Day of Your Scheduled Abdominal Ultrasound in NJ

You should not have anything to eat or drink, except water, 8 hours prior to your ultrasound at DHC. Make sure you plan to be in the office for approximately 30 minutes. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. If you have had previous abdominal ultrasounds performed, please bring a copy of the report and disc with you. An ultrasound is a safe and simple procedure that will provide your doctor with insights into the health of the organs and structures within the abdomen. Your physician will use a transducer and an ultrasound machine to create an image of the structures inside the body, which will be discussed with you after the ultrasound is complete.

After Your Abdominal Ultrasound in NJ

You can return to your regular routine, activities, and diet immediately after your appointment. Your doctor will discuss your ultrasound results with you and determine any next steps needed to help support positive digestive health or address any issues found during the exam.

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Abdominal Ultrasound at Digestive Healthcare Center

Our specialists at DHC work with patients of all ages to diagnose and treat all manner of digestive health conditions, helping each patient live a healthier and more comfortable life. An abdominal ultrasound at DHC can provide more insights into your gastrointestinal health and help your doctor determine the best next steps for you. We are proud to offer comprehensive digestive health care at our offices in Hillsborough and Somerville, NJ, and we also meet with patients via virtual telemedicine visits. To learn more about the care we provide or to schedule your appointment at DHC, please contact us today!