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How to Prepare for a Capsule Endoscopy in NJ

The Day Before Your Capsule Endoscopy

Bowel Preparation: Purchase one 10 oz. bottle of magnesium citrate (in lemon-lime flavor). Do not purchase any magnesium citrate that is red in color.

Please abide by the following instructions the day before your procedure:

  1. No solid food after noon. You may continue to have clear liquids until 10:00 p.m. (e.g. water, gelatin, coffee/tea, ginger ale, iced tea, etc.).
  2. At 7:00 p.m., drink the magnesium citrate.
  3. Stop all liquids at 10:00 p.m.

Note: Stop any iron supplements or vitamins containing iron four days prior to the procedure.

The Day of Your Capsule Endoscopy

  1. Wear a light cotton shirt (e.g. a tee shirt). The sensor belt will be placed over your clothing.
  2. Do not take any medications prior to the test. You will be able to take your morning medications two hours after ingesting the capsule.
  3. Two hours after ingesting the capsule, you will be permitted to have clear liquids.
  4. Four hours after ingesting the capsule, you can have a snack.
  5. After the snack you can return to clear liquids only.
  6. Your regular diet can resume after the test is finished.

What Happens During and After Capsule Endoscopy?

  • A sensor belt will be placed around your waist and a data recorder will record the images
  • You will need to wear the equipment for eight hours. Do not remove the sensor belt or data recorder at any time during the test. The equipment will be removed when you return to the office
  • After ingesting the capsule –and until it is excreted— you should avoid being near any source of any powerful electromagnetic field, such as one created near an MRI or portable radios
  • During the test, try and avoid any strenuous physical activity. Do not bend, lay flat, or stoop during the test
  • If you experience any nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain during the test contact the office
  • The capsule is disposable and will be excreted naturally in your bowel movement
  • Should the capsule not be viewed in the large bowel by the end of the study, you may be asked to have an abdominal X-ray to ensure the capsule has passed
  • Final results will be available in 14 days

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