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Dr. Alan Gingold Gives Insights on Health Radio Program

Dr. Alan Gingold provided an insightful hour of information on gastroenterology conditions, treatments and trends when he appeared on “Sound Advice” on WCTC Radio on April 29th with host Bert Baron.

He reviewed common topics, such as screening colonoscopy reflux disease and took listener calls. Here is a highlight of some of the unique information on the show from Dr. Gingold:

  • African-Americans should probably begin screening colonoscopy at age 45, as opposed to the general recommendation of age 50.
  • Colon cancer rates are decreasing in New Jersey, likely due to increased screening colonoscopy participation rates.
  • Colonoscopy prep is much easier than it was even a few years ago—no chalky powder to drink.
  • Acid reflux is often confused with heartburn. Heartburn is not reflux; it is a symptom of reflux. 50% of people have acid reflux once a year. 20-30% have it weekly.
  • Evidence shows it is a myth you can’t eat seeds and nuts if you have diverticulosis or diverticulitis—although everyone with those conditions seems to believe this prohibition.

For these and other insights, listen the entire broadcast by clicking here.

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