Are Colorectal Cancers Really on the Rise for Millennials?

Dr. Gingold Responds to Recent ABC News Story

ABC News recently reported that a study showed the risk for colorectal cancer has doubled for millennials. Moreover, it was hypothesized that a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet were causes for the increase—well-known risk factors for colon cancer that are common amongst this age group.

While this story is very interesting, this isn’t necessarily new information. Yes, the incidence rates are increasing with this demographic, but the overall rates of colon cancer are dropping thanks to increased awareness and screening.

So where does this leave us? There are two main takeaways:

  1. Perhaps, we aren’t screening people early enough. Screenings are currently recommended for those over 50.
  2. Regardless of age, if something doesn’t seem right, speak to your doctor.

It may be a while before screening guidelines change, but you can be proactive.

If you have any bleeding, unusual weight loss, abdominal pain, change in your bowel habits, etc., visit a gastroenterologist to determine whether any additional testing is necessary.

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