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Our surgical center, Central Jersey Ambulatory Surgical Center, participates with GIQulC (GI Quality Improvement Consortium). We work with this ground-breaking initiative by collecting and electronically reporting on quality indicators for colonoscopy. GIQulC is raising the bar on efficiency, effetiveness, reliability in benchmarking and overall commitment to quality in patient care.

We provide Benchmarking reports to participating physicians and facilities to support their quality improvement initiatives and collect data that can be used by researchers conducting clinical outcomes studies and quality initiatives.


GIQuIC Quality Measure Results for Digestive HealthCare Center Physicians:

Adenoma (tumor) Detection Rate: Females:32.5%
Study Benchmark compared to other gastroenterologists is:15%
Adenoma (tumor) Detection Rate: Males:44.1%
Study Benchmark compared to other gastroenterologists is:25%
Photo documentation of the Cecum:98.3%
Study Benchmark compared to other gastroenterologists is:91.3%
Photo documentation of the Cecum is taking a picture of the opening of the appendix and ileocecal valve which is located at the beginning of the large intestine. Photo documentation of the Cecum proves the gastroenterologist has surveyed the entire large intestine beginning at the anus.

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