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Dr. Gingold and Digestive Healthcare Center Featured Online

We are excited to announce that Dr. Gingold was recently featured in four different healthcare articles! Check them out below and be sure to read each to learn more.

Dr. Alan Gingold headshot
Dr. Alan Gingold

How Suddenly Can GERD Begin?

Many people wonder about the appearance of symptoms of GERD- do they take a long time to appear or can they come on suddenly? Dr. Gingold talks about how GERD can appear seemingly out of nowhere. One large reflux event can bring on symptoms, like an unpleasant taste in the throat or burning in the chest.

Does GERD Cause Noisy Breathing During Sleep?

In this article, Dr. Gingold explains how GERD can cause nighttime noises. When acid enters the back of the throat during sleep, asthma-type symptoms can arise, such as wheezing and loud breathing noises. Another indicator that acid reflux is the cause of this phenomenon is an unpleasant or bitter taste in the back of the mouth.

Can a Barium Swallow Be Normal Despite Severe Reflux?

A barium swallow can detect anatomical changes in the esophagus, but can come back normal despite severe acid reflux. Dr. Gingold explains that this is because the test is made to show changes in anatomy, but not damage from the reflux. A barium swallow cannot detect Barrett’s esophagus, so for patients with reflux, an EGD should be done every three to five years.

Why Are Acid Reflux and Gas Worse Right Before Menstruation?

In this article, Dr. Gingold explains why acid reflex and gas worsen before your period begins. Hormone changes are often the culprit, as are dietary changes due to cravings for certain foods. This time of the month also often brings about increased stress and lack of sleep, which can exacerbate acid reflux and gas as well.

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