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So, you finally decided to do it and schedule that colonoscopy.  Good move!  Call and make the appointment.  You may need to see the gastroenterologist first to go over your medical history etc. before the procedure.  You will get your instructions for the prep to clean your colon and be asked to provide someone to drive you and pick you up afterwards.

You will be told if there were any findings during the procedure.  You may have had polyps removed for example.  This is the important part.  Some polyps can become cancerous and if one or more were found, they would be removed and you will be told how often it may be necessary to check for polyps again.  By having your colonoscopy, you might have prevented colon cancer!

At Digestive HealthCare, we offer “Open Access” to our patients for colonoscopy.  What this means, is if you don’t have any significant health problems, you won’t have to come in for a preliminary visit.  You will be asked some questions on the phone about your health history and if there isn’t a health issue that would require a visit, you will be directly scheduled for the procedure.  It could save that “leaving early” from work problem.  Also, we can usually give you a prep that would not make it necessary to take the day before the procedure off.

Now, ask those that you know over 50 to schedule a colonoscopy too!

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